Ageing: models, mechanisms and therapies


Ageing is a triumph of the contemporary society but also represents a great challenge for the coming generations. European community will face a significant increase in the ageing population in the next few decades being Portugal one of the countries with the highest proportion of persons above age 60. Therefore, international organizations, governments, civil society, scientific community should be engaged in the development of programs to enhance the health of old citizens. Some years ago, the World Health Organization created a term “Active ageing” to define the “process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age”. It is important to note that the center region of Portugal has selected “Health Active Ageing” as a priority area of intervention. The conference entitled “Ageing: models, mechanisms and therapies” will have the contribution of renowned scientists from 3 continents that will discuss for 2 days new approaches to model, prevent and treat ageing-related diseases.

Date: Jun 28-29, 2019

Venue: Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Coimbra, Polo 3

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 11th International Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies (SPCE-TC)

11th meeting

The Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies (SPCE-TC) has been always stimulating the innovation in stem cell research and technologies as well as the clinical translational of stem cell-based therapies to the benefit of human health. The main goal of the 11th International Meeting of the SPCE-TC is to gather high quality researchers coming from academia, health care institutions and industry to discuss the new trends and challenges on the emerging field of stem cell biology and cell-based therapy. The meeting also aims at giving the unique opportunity for younger researchers to network, to exchange ideas and to be inspired by top-level keynote speakers and invited opinion leaders in a truly international environment.

More specifically, the Scientific Program of this year encompasses the current understanding of stem cell reprogramming and advancements in cancer stem cell research, tissue engineering, stem cell transplantation, manipulation of the stem cell genome in a research context, and current trends in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. The meeting will be organized in 5 topics: stem cell specification and regulation, stem cell engineering, stem cells in disease modelling and drug discovery, stem cells in cancer and cell therapy. Concomitant sessions dedicated to clinical translation will also be included and round-table sessions will offer the opportunity to informally debate issues such as, bioethical implications of stem cell usage.

We look forward to meeting you in Lisboa!

The conference chairs,

Joana Miranda & Susana Solá

Date: Oct 10-12, 2019

Venue: Faculty of Pharmacy, Lisbon

Programe and Registration

We are extremely excited to announce that 11th SPCE-TC Meeting will have, for the first time, a Special Research Topic within the Journals Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology and Frontiers in Genetics, in the section Stem Cell Research.

This Research Topic will bring together reviews, perspective and original research articles covering the latest breakthroughs from the fields of stem cell research and cell therapies presented at the 11th SPCE-TC meeting, held in Lisbon, Portugal from the 10th-12th of October 2019.

Those attending will be given priority to submit their work for this special edition.

If you would like more information please contact the topic editors Joana Miranda or Susana Solá or here.



All the speakers are internationally recognized scientists, ethicists, legal and media scholars. They will share with us current scientific discoveries, their potential applications in modifying or eradicating diseases, impact on human evolution and associated ethical challenges.
The symposium has been designed to encourage discourse between the diverse group of experts and with the audience comprising of members of the public, humanities and science students and faculty, public policy makers, journalists, members of the legal profession and others.
The symposium promises to be a timely exciting and engaging event.
The topics discussed at the symposium are of global relevance and your participation will enrich the discourse.

Date: June 13, 2019

Venue: Reitoria da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa

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Prémio Crioestaminal & SPCE-TC de Investigação em Medicina Regenerativa

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Visando a promoção da investigação na área da Medicina Regenerativa, a Sociedade Portuguesa de Células Estaminais e Terapia Celular (SPCE-TC) e a Crioestaminal, lançam em 2019 a primeira edição do “Prémio Investigação em Medicina Regenerativa”. Este prémio distinguirá a melhor publicação de índole básica ou aplicada na área designada, da autoria de investigadores nacionais ou estrangeiros, total ou parcialmente realizado em instituições portuguesas e publicado no biénio anterior à sua atribuição. O prémio consiste na atribuição de um valor pecuniário de 2000 euros e da inscrição no Congresso da SPCE-TC a decorrer no ano de candidatura.

São elegíveis trabalhos publicados em revista científica indexada, que tenham como primeiro e/ou último autor membros com condição regularizada de sócio da SPCE-TC a trabalhar em Portugal à data da realização da investigação e da candidatura.

Os interessados em concorrer à primeira edição deverão enviar os seus trabalhos até dia 19 de julho 2019, através do correio eletrónico